ISSN: 2250-2777

Focus & Scope

Asian Law Journal works on the objective of exploring multiple aspects of law and henceforth is not restricted to a particular subject of law, however it shall be an endeavour of Asian Law Journal to focus on a particular theme per issue wherein a particular theme can be researched and worked upon.

The primary objective behind the inception of the Asian Law Journal is to provide a forum to writers, enabling them to express their ideas, opinions over the challenges facing the society vis-à-vis law making. Asian Law Journal provides an encouraging platform to students to hone their research and writing skills.

In an endeavour to publish the  “Articles”, “Notes”, “Commentaries” “Book Reviews”, or essays, Asian Law Journal targets a very wide base of prospective distinguished and diverse authors including judges, scholars, policy-makers, practitioners and students.

The intended subjects that are intended to be covered within the scope of the Asian Law Journal shall vary from environmental law, WTO trade laws, intellectual property laws, constitutional law, science and technology laws, corporate affairs laws, specific themes focusing on contemporary issues such as competition law policies, TRIPS etc. Furthermore in pursuance of the objective of Asian Law Journal, comparative research of various legal system would be appreciated.