ISSN: 2250-2777

Was Copenhagen More Than The Accord: Indian Perspective
Author(s): Kush Kalra & Roshni Chadda

Climate change is an issue that cannot be lightly dismissed in the present era. The issue has been disregarded all these years as the focus has been on rampant development and no serious consideration has been given to the environmental impacts as such. Earth is at crossroads and if climate change mitigation is not given priority right now, very soon all infrastructural development will be washed away by nature’s fury. The process of economic advancement will then be reversed. Recognising the gravity of this growing crisis, all eyes were set on the proceedings of the Copenhagen Conference in the year 2009. Unfortunately, the summit witnessed extraordinary political drama that culminated in nothing more than the accord which was drafted in a rush towards the end of the summit. This paper elucidates the salient features of the “Copenhagen Accord”, how India evaluates it and the measures taken in this direction.

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