ISSN: 2250-2777

Environmental Law in a Globalized World: The Need for a New Authoritative Framework
Author(s): Preseedha Premnath & Vishwam Jindal*

Rapid industrialization and globalization has set off heated debate on the future of environmental protection in trade ruled world. Increased trade has led to weaker environmental laws. The regulations governing environmental protection to date have primarily been national regulations. The essence of globalization is connectivity. The forces that connect people and places across the world and, in the words of Thomas Friedman, have shrunk it “from size medium to size small”, are also profoundly affecting the global environment. A globalizing world requires thoughtful ways to manage ecological interdependence. The integrated and interdependent nature of the current set of environmental challenges contrasts sharply with the nature of the institutions we rely upon for their solutions. This paper seeks to study and analyse the need to develop a balance between these two forces, as we head towards the era of sustainable development. The need of the hour is to develop a set of universal standards and to establish bodies with universal jurisdiction and policy making powers that could cater to the needs of both the present and future generations. One of the effects of globalization has been the inter dependency between different countries and societies. Environmental protection is not about national regulations, but about setting up a global framework. The paper will hence be divided into two major parts, the first focusing on the effects of globalization and the second dealing with the prospective framework of global standards that could be set up.

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