ISSN: 2250-2777

Environment & Genetically Modified Food Vis-A-Vis Public Health
Author(s): Soumya Kanti Sinha, LL.M, Department of, Corporate Law & Good Governance, Nalsar University of Law, India.

The concept of food security has been undergoing many changes during the last 50 years and today it is widely acknowledged to mean much more than physical availability of food on the market in proportion to population. The world produces more food per inhabitant today than ever before. FAO’s statistics demonstrate that on the global scale the food production rate, despite some times serious regional variations is going upwards and in tune with population growth. But still the world is unable to feed its entire population. Powerful tools provided by science and technology in recent years have had a profound impact on the food and agriculture sector worldwide. Biotechnology is one such technology which provides opportunities for achieving productivity gains in agriculture, thereby increasing the food security. The implementation of agricultural biotechnology for food and feed production stimulates considerable controversy the world over, with strongly conflicting views not only about the technology itself but also the ethical questions involved.

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