ISSN: 2250-2777

Corporate Environment Liability
Author(s): Garima Chouhan & Abhishek Priyadarshi

Corporate environment liability is long seen and looked into. One area that is controversial through all times and circumstances that we have seen. A corporate that uses hazardous substances/ materials is bound to come under the arena of environmental issues and liabilities. Civil and criminal liabilities both trap such corporations. A corporation which uses hazardous materials may also face toxic tort suits if it exposes its employees or customers to hazardous materials, fails to provide adequate employee training, or fails to provide required notice of hazardous materials dangers to employees, customers, neighbors, or the public.Bhopal Gas tragedy explains most of it and was a thrive in the matter for India.This paper deals with various type of liabilities and also with case laws looks into the liability under various legislations. At the end it is also concluded with suggestions.

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