ISSN: 2250-2777

Traditional Environment versus Modernised Environment: A Case of Malaysia
Author(s): Asst. Prof. Loganathan Krishnan, Department of International Business, Faculty of Accountancy and Management, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia

In contemporary times, the idea of ideal environment is dictated by modern man. The modern man considers that an ideal environment is a modernized environment. Therefore, laws and policies have been drawn to legalise and operationalise the vision and mission of the government. To the modern man, this is a desired approach for national development, to progress to become a developed nation. The modern man has used his own views and ideas as a yardstick, to draw up policies and laws. Nevertheless, the concern is whether the approach encompasses the views of the aboriginal community. This is because the aboriginal community lives a traditional environment, closely associated to natural environment. The natural environment is linked with herbs, plants, trees and animals. Nevertheless, this has been viewed as a laidback and outmoded lifestyle, unsuitable to contemporary times. Additionally, there have been gradual pressures on the aboriginal community to adopt modernized environment and its benefits. Thus, this study begins by scrutinising the concept of traditional environment and modernized environment. The study then examines the conflicts between the aboriginal community and the policy makers as to what amounts to an ideal environment. Notably, laws and policies will be examined to determine how the laws and policies contribute to the ongoing conflicts. The study will then draw appropriate measures to overcome the conflicts. There has to be a transformation on this matter, otherwise modernized environment will not sustain the cultural environment of the aboriginal community which will eventually lead to loss of cultural rights.

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