ISSN: 2250-2777

India's Emerging CSR Practices
Author(s): Sidharrth Shankar & Ankita Chaudhary*

Abstract-CSR model is in the early stage of development in India and the potential for both corporate governance and corporate social responsibility reforms in India is enormous. There are particular features of globalization of the economy that accentuate the difficulties of relying upon law as an external constraint to correctly structure the model. The paper analyses incorporation of CSR into Indian Corporate Law vis-à-vis Corporate Social Responsibility Voluntary Guidelines (2009), Indian Companies Act etc. Industrialization has been hampering the environment since past few decades thus it becomes incumbent for every nation to strengthen the laws and demand strict compliance with these laws. The paper discusses the common form of violations and means of deceptions adopted by companies to escape liabilities. The paper advocates that the companies now adhere to the basic human rights norms as well as preserving the environment concerns much important in terms of a holistic growth of the society in consonance to their individual growth.

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